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Noa City-Eliyahu is a 25 years old photographer, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.
At the age of 14 Noa has taken her first picture during the softball world series in Seattle Washington and captured her friend as she throws the ball to the batter. This couldn’t have happened unless the camera was a compact one. A compliment Noa got on her picture motivated her to start taking photos and ever since she never stopped.
As she finished her army service as a combat photographer of the Israel defense forced weekly magazine called "Bamachane",  After 2 years of capturing special units and forces all around the country ,She worked two years as an underwater photographer, and travelled  in asia and australia in order to capture every nation and special human beings that this world hides among it. 

In 2016 Noa attended a Photojournalism studies taking

place in Aarhus, Denmark in one of the highest journalism and photojournalism schools in europe, DMJX. 


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